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Spotlight on Startups: New Startups Making Waves in Unconventional Spaces
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Spotlight on Startups: New Startups Making Waves in Unconventional Spaces

Every successful startup begins with a problem that needs to be solved. Some issues are glaringly obvious, while others go unnoticed by all but the most discerning. In this week's Spotlight on Startups we take a look at three TBR LAB participants that are using technology to solve problems in unconventional spaces.

Now My Selectah, Trinidad & Tobago

Now My Selectah (NMS) is an online music service that partners with professional DJs to produce customized playlists. Clients have the option to add the personal touch of voice overs by some of their favorite regional talents, thereby facilitating DJ-free events that are still full of vibes. This innovative approach to event music presented NMS with the opportunity to collaborate with Carib Beer as part of its international rebranding campaign that featured American music producer, DJ Khaled. For founder, Aswaad Peters, this is just the beginning. “In 2023, we plan to focus our energy on app development as well as music therapy. This is expected to provide additional revenue streams for NMS while giving our customers confidence in our brand,” he said.

Keepingly, Trinidad & Tobago

Home management and maintenance can be a daunting task. Trinidadian, Daniel Smith developed US-based Keepingly, to provide homeowners with a comprehensive solution that encapsulates everything from budgeting to asset maximization. Keepingly's three-pronged approach to homeownership focuses on management, maintenance, and growth in order to differentiate its offerings from others in the market. According to Smith, "Keepingly differs from its competitors in that it is focused on the homeowner's entire experience post-closing - from purchase to maintenance to resale." While the platform is still in the pre-launch phase, Keepingly was been accepted into the National Association of Realtors REACH Lab Program in Northern Virginia, a significant achievement for a company still in its infancy. 

ZRISE, Jamaica

ZRISE is a Jamaican-birthed platform designed to connect businesses with the right content creators and vice versa. Having noted the proliferation of talented Caribbean influencers generating high-quality, original content on their social media platforms, ZRISE Founder, Jean-Claude Walters Dunn sought to develop a product that would allow them to monetize their online presence. According to Dunn, "Caribbean creators are adept at influencing consumers through content creation, but they lack the business administration capacity required to capitalize on their creativity. ZRISE will create digital solutions to address these issues." Along with providing support to creative practitioners, the platform also seeks to help businesses effectively execute and monitor influencer campaigns through ZLINK, a 360° data-driven influencer marketing tool set to be launched in July 2022.


The Caribbean tech space continues to birth new and exciting ideas at a steady rate and TechBeach is committed to highlighting these innovations and the great minds behind them. We know we've only scratched the surface of everything the region has to offer, so if you know any tech-enabled companies that should be featured in this Spotlight on Startups series contact us at

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