TBR LAB Accelerator Program Demo Day Cohort 2

We're excited to showcase the range of tech startups that participated in our accelerator program.

Welcome to TBR LAB Demo Day

Enjoy the range of innovative pitches from just some of the startups that impressed investors on TBR LAB Demo Day 2021. Stay tuned for much more to come in the future.

Welcoming Remarks

We are proud to showcase the top tech and tech-enabled startups from the Caribbean and the Diaspora. This is a group of entrepreneurs addressing challenges and seizing opportunities across the region. We're acting local, but thinking global! If you want to connect with any of these founders, please email danielle@techbeach.net.

Algas Organics

Algas Organics is the Caribbean's leading agtech company in the blue economy, successfully solving two seemingly unrelated problems: Sargassum seaweed and inefficient agricultural production. Through our patented process, we sustainably transform millions of pounds of invasive Sargassum into world class biological fertilizers for export globally. Our seaweed derived products maximize crop production efficiency by:  1. Saving up to 20% on fertilizer costs, 2. Increasing crop yield (farm revenue), 3. Improving crop resilience against drought/heat stress.

Company Founder: Johanan Dujon

Country of Operation: St. Lucia

Nature of Business: Seaweed Derived Products


Allegori is a neuro innovation company that builds and develops programs and products using neuroscience and data. We use EEG and actigraphy data for delivering our services. Our current programs emphasize peak performance training for several sectors including education, athletics, and health and safety for extractive industries. We have had over 500 clients over the last 2 years of our operation. We have also developed a scalable platform for delivering these services that we have vigorously tested and proven.

Company Founder: Kheston Walkins Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago
Nature of Business: Digital Student Success and Mental Wellness Platform

Caripay Ltd/Lynk Me Inc

Basic financial services in North America are often accessed completely online in under an hour. Doing so in developing countries costs days of missed work, contributing to financial exclusion and time poverty. Manual, in-person compliance processes cost Caribbean and LATAM businesses over US$80bn annually, while citizens and SMEs lose billions more in productivity. We are cashflow positive by creating a tech layer that solves the unit economics and client experience of compliance for all stakeholders, thereby expanding financial inclusion and data ownership.

Company Founder: Kesha Julien

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago, Eastern Caribbean

Nature of Business: Financial Software/Technology

De Jeunésse

Natural skincare company using local ingredients to make handmade soaps and body Butters.

Company Founder: Shenelle Hills-Fife

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Manufacturing: Skincare Products

DNI Sales & Service

DNI Online Hardware is an eCommerce business with no physical walk-in store. We carry no physical inventory and utilize a just-in-time model where goods are only purchased from our local or foreign suppliers when we have orders from our customers. Leading hardwares & wholesalers in Trinidad have no web presence or very minimal at best. We help these businesses get their products sold via our site and provide the public with the ease of convenient online shopping with nationwide fast & free delivery.

Company Founder: Jelani Bynoe

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Online Hardware Store


Fimilink is a social networking platform that pays users for socializing. Where users can earn by referring others to join FimiLink and Also earn based on the amount of likes they get for a post they created. Users can add Photos, Videos, Text-Only Posts and Mention other users who they shared that experience with.

Company Founder: Kashlon Palmer

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Social Networking Platform

GWBD LLC dba TripChat Global

A Louisiana -Founded, women owned mobile application. We believe special places shouldn't go undiscovered and good stories shouldn't go unheard. Imagine exploring a new area while listening to amazing stories about the places and people who made it what it is today. When you discover new places and learn what the locals know you maximize your experience. Delivering our proprietary Audio Billboards, interactive imagery and connectivity, TripChat stays true to only featuring local businesses that make up the tapestry of each geographical community so you can experience life like a local.

Company Founder: Nicole Quinlan

Country of Operation: United States

Nature of Business: Audio Billboards


HelloScribe is an artificial intelligence creative writing assistant that enables personal and enterprise users to kick start their business communications instantly - from Press Releases to Memos to Op-Eds.

Company Founder: Paul Thompson

Country of Operation: United States

Renewable Energy: Artificial Intelligence Creative Writing Assistant

Immortelle Beauty Company Limited

Immortelle Beauty creates "Little Local Luxuries", bath and body products that, through our focus on high quality formulations and beautiful packaging, aim to change our local customers' mindset about what to expect from local products. We also can offer international customers an authentic Caribbean experience at the quality standard they are accustomed to and hope to improve our digital strategy to attract new e-commerce customers and maintain our pandemic growth in online sales and scale production and our team to support this new business. 

Company Founder: Kathryn Nurse

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Bath and Body Products

JMVI Realty

JMVI Realty offers remote workers and nomads worldwide the most effective method to secure long term rental properties in Antigua & Barbuda using a Property App in their smartphones to connect them to realtors for virtual viewings while their families are processed for Antigua's Nomad Digital Residence Visa enabling them to live and work remotely for up to 2 years on island. We also assist HNWs with mobility by acquiring Antigua Barbuda passports through capital and real estate investments.

Company Founder: Jermain Rhudd

Country of Operation: Antigua

Nature of Business: Real Estate listings platform


Youth around the world are struggling with a variety of issues - lacking confidence and self-esteem, many under-perform in school and make poor decisions involving drugs, sex and/or crime. Traditional interventions are expensive to scale up and some fail to effectively engage the target group. The UNUH edutainment game app, using neuroscience and NLP to educate, exploits Jamaica's global cultural brand, to provide young people, ages 13-18 with a fresh new perspective and approach to living a successful life.

Company Founder: Elizabeth Terry

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Edutainment Mobile Game App

Massy Learning Institute (MLI) Massy Ltd

The Massy Learning Institute (MLI) is a cutting-edge learning hub that powers innovation within the Massy Group—and everywhere.  Open to anyone from any company, MLI offers discerning, rigorous and practical training that meets the standards of a company with nearly a century of growth across the region and beyond. Taught by professionals who are also rigorously evaluated, clients emerge as more powerful leaders and businesses able to withstand the present and to assuredly anticipate the future.

Company Founder: Audra Mitchell

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Learning Hub

Medial Network LLC DBA Medial Health

Paper based healthcare systems in the Caribbean are very fragmented, leading to 4 major issues: inaccessibility, insufficiency of medical data, inefficient medical workflows and lack of data security. Medial Health addresses these major issues with our cloud-native, decentralized Electronic Health Record system (EHRs). With decentralization, patient records become accessible from any medical facility. Our vision is that any Caribbean national is able to receive the best possible care at any health facility in the region.

Company Founder: Stephen Felix

Country of Operation: United States

Nature of Business: SaaS Platform: Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

Metamorphosis Business Solutions Limited (Skillpik)

Skillpik is a central marketplace for buying and selling services throughout the Caribbean and CARICOM Region. Our platform is the perfect place for service providers to showcase themselves and their work, inform market prices and build their reputation amongst an unlimited customer base. We provide a place for skills to flourish and grow, whilst promoting fair trade and safe market practices. Creatives, tradesmen, professionals, specialists, entrepreneurs and small and medium sized entities can all offer their services for sale.

Company Founder: Elijah James

Country of Operation: Antigua & Barbuda

Nature of Business: Marketplace  

Pink Coconuts

Pink Coconuts is making it easier, safer, more fun and connected for LGBTQ people to travel the world. Our membership subscription travel app lets LGBTQ travelers 1. Connect, chat and meet up with each other before and during travel while sharing photos on the travel feed 2. Access to over $1000 in travel perks and discounts per destination on LGBTQ friendly tours and activities and 3. Rate, recommend and review a list of LGBTQ friendly Airbnbs & Hotels.  We see Pink Coconuts as an LGBTQ travel buddy app. 

Company Founder: Zi (Donnya) Piggott

Country of Operation: Barbados

Nature of Business: LGBTQ Travel Buddy App


Pricewhirl is a technology company that facilitates physical connections between customers, allowing the seamless delivery of goods within and across borders.

Company Founder: Teddy Leon

Country of Operation: Barbados

Nature of Business: Food Delivery Platform


Queritel is a SaaS platform that empowers (consumer packaged goods) CPG brands to track their product performance in the independent retail market. Using the Queritel platform, companies gain unprecedented visibility into what products are selling, where they’re selling best, what competitive products are performing best, and more. This allows them to take immediate action to maximize the financial health of their brands.

Company Founder: Kevone Martin
Country of Operation: Jamaica, Chile, Puerto Rico, United States
Nature of Business: SaaS platform


QuickPlate is an e-commerce and logistics company that is heavily focused on the food delivery space but will soon deliver everything else through its latest product, QuickCart. We're currently based in Kingston, Jamaica but we have plans to eventually roll out to the rest of the Caribbean and beyond.

Company Founder: Monique Powell

Country of Operation: Jamaica

Nature of Business: Food Delivery Space 

Scarlett Connect Limited

Scarlett is a solution for digitizing business operations: A visually-appealing, polished and tested online marketplace with a streamlined UX for merchants and customers. Supports the sale of products, services, and event tickets via online or Point-of-Sales solutions at physical stores. Automation of routine business functions. Real-time analytics and dashboard reporting for decision-making. Engaging marketing strategies with social media integration. A knowledge base for facilitating collaboration amongst merchants.

Company Founder: Aaron Gayah

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago 

Nature of Business: Online Marketplace for the Sale of Products, Services, and Event Tickets.

Sell Your Stuff

We're making it possible for anyone to sell anything online within and beyond T&T.

Company Founder: Jarryon Paul

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Buy and Sell Platform

Soleil Space

Soleil Space is the world's first community streaming platform for the global diasporas of Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Latam and the Middle East. We will deliver unprecedented content differentiation and UX innovation, introducing unprecedented community interaction and cultural immersion to the subscription video on demand streaming experience. We are not just putting out content exclusively of and from these cultures, but creating an ecosystem around each title through a combination of interactive modules that facilitate global cultural exploration through content and community.

Company Founder: Micha Cooper-Edwards

Country of Operation: United States

Nature of Business: Streaming platform

Sphare Marketplace Limited

Sphare is an online, multi-vendor marketplace that also captures and rewards "word of mouth" referrals by uniquely combining two features with the traditional marketplace model - A social/sharing network coupled with a built-in credit system. This allows people to connect with their friends and family, and utilize it to share/refer products and services on the marketplace to one another, with the added benefit of easily receiving a commission if the recommendation results in a sale. It's a perfect mashup of Amazon, Facebook, and affiliate sales!

Company Founder: Nikolai Gillezeau

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Multi-vendor Marketplace that also Captures and Rewards "Word of Mouth" Referrals.

Status Alert For Emergency LLC

SAFE SMS, a mobile application that provides first-class communication technology, fully integrated and user-friendly mobile panic alerts that manage outbound SMS messaging and real-time GPS location of users seeking rapid response for quick, easy, and efficient communication about safety status. Our affordable mobile app is a solution to capitalize on the growing tech industries for safety communication.  The app sends a 2-in-1 alert notification using one functionality to multiple contacts regarding users’ safety status.

Company Founder: Charmaine Kalpen
Country of Operation: United States
Nature of Business: Satellite GPS

Thrive Collection Company

A creative industry-focused platform that allows you to discover, connect and collaborate with creatives, content creators and models using advanced filters, to narrow your search to exactly who you are looking for, thus saving you time and giving more opportunities for success and production connection.

Founder: Ethan Auguste
Country of Operation: Indonesia
Nature of Business: Creative Industry-Focused Platform


The International Finance Corporation (IFC) estimates that in the Caribbean, 87% of companies face unmet business financing. Data from a regional Chamber of Commerce suggests that banks finance (debt) as little as 11% of businesses. Thus, there is a significant gap between the finance required by businesses, and what is currently available through debt financing. We intend to close the financing gap through our equity crowdsourcing platform that facilitates and administers business access to equity financing, investor access to equity opportunities and a liquidity platform.

Company Founder: Christian Stone

Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago

Nature of Business: Equity Crowdsourcing Platform

UCA Caribbean

We connect companies with college students for freelance work. Our platform allows companies to discover and hire student freelancers, pay via a payment gateway that takes care of 1099s, and rate their performance to promote accountability. We want to formalise and innovate the freelance culture in the Caribbean. Providing opportunities for students that are equitable, resume-worthy and remote because we wished they existed for us. Creating a platform where college talent is valued and makes an impact.

Company Founder: Kristofferson Nunes
Country of Operation: Jamaica
Nature of Business:
Freelance Work Platform Connecting companies with Student Freelancers.

Wam Now Limited

Wam is a mobile digital wallet that facilitates peer to peer transactions and provides an e-commerce solution. We aim to make it as easy as possible to take cash and turn it into digital money that you can use to easily send to friends, families or businesses using the power of smartphones and blockchain technology.

Company Founder: Arrianne Talma
Country of Operation: Trinidad & Tobago
Nature of Business: Mobile Digital Wallet