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Spotlight on Startups: Companies Leveraging Technology to Expand Access
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Spotlight on Startups: Companies Leveraging Technology to Expand Access

The technology landscape in the Caribbean has changed significantly in recent years with a proliferation of startups opening their virtual doors for business. While the industries may vary, the missions are strikingly similar: to provide efficient solutions to pervasive problems across the region. In this issue of the Spotlight on Startups series we take a look at three companies in three islands that are seeking to change the game in edtech, medtech, and ecommerce. 

SmartTerm, Jamaica

SmartTerm is an edtech platform that delivers scalable technology solutions with the goal of ensuring every student has access to high quality education "regardless of their ability, income, age, race, gender, language, or location." Cofounded in 2016 by Mohammad Saif Ahmad and Shamir Saddler, the company's software and virtual services are designed to meet the needs of teachers, administrators, school boards, school districts, parents, and students. "In the regional market, this is very powerful because we can take schools with no digitization and get them fully digitized in a quick, efficient, and most importantly easy-to-use manner," says Ahmad, who also serves as the company's Chief Customer Officer. Currently, SmartTerm's solutions have been implemented in schools in Jamaica and The Bahamas. Next on the agenda is a plan to go global, starting in North America through a partnership with Canadian-based incubator program, DMZ. According to Ahmad, "This will allow us to unlock the capital and resources to become a global competitor in the Education Technology space."

Sphare, Trinidad & Tobago

Sphare is an online marketplace with a difference. Launched in 2021 by Nikolai Gillezeau, the shopping platform features hundreds of products, ranging from apparel to home decor to local art. While its offerings may seem similar to that of its competitors what separates Sphare from the pack is its Sphare Share program, which directly rewards customers for referrals that result in a purchase. "Our main purpose is to create technology that enables the everyday person to earn from the referrals we all make daily," says Gillezeau of the initiative that has earned its users thousands of dollars in rewards credit to date. Thus far, Sphare's mission to enable individuals to monetize their influence has attracted over 170 small businesses, 4,000 users and generated almost two million TTD in sales. As for what lies ahead, Gillezeau and his team plan to build on this momentum by expanding its universal affiliate system beyond Sphare Marketplace. "It'll be great for Sphare in terms of user acquisition and growth, but most importantly, it will create potentially unlimited financial opportunity for all Caribbean people and beyond," he says. 

Medial Health, Saint Lucia

Medial Health is a mobile app that allows its users to manage their health in the palm of their hands while simultaneously creating a seamless administrative process for healthcare professionals. Available for both iOS and Android, the data-driven medtech platform emerged in 2021 to "solve the digital health needs of the region," according to its founder and CEO, Stephen Felix. Through a user-friendly interface individuals are able to track their vitals, symptoms, allergies and much more, with the ability to share these records with individuals and institutions as needed. "We provide a modern user experience, where any action in our application is as easy as making a Facebook post. Our goal is to ensure that we reduce physician burnout, a major deterrent to using health information systems," Felix said. With a tiered pricing model, Medial Health ensures its solutions are accessible even to the smallest medical practices. Having recently launched in Saint Lucia, Felix and his team are looking forward to further expansions throughout the region in the hopes of addressing long-standing issues plaguing healthcare in the Caribbean.


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