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How Tech Beach Is Helping To Unlock The Untapped Potential In The Caribbean
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How Tech Beach Is Helping To Unlock The Untapped Potential In The Caribbean

There's something magical and bizarre happening in the development of the African Diaspora. I don't think a lot of people see, nor understand, that the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa are becoming the epicenters of a new revolution in technology that’s quickly and dramatically changing the status quo of inequality and under-representation. My wife and I had the pleasure and honor to attend and participate in Tech Beach Retreat 2018 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Tech Beach was founded by Kyle Maloney and Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, two entrepreneurs with a vision to connect and empower Caribbean entrepreneurs, engineers and executives across a range of backgrounds to explore and create solutions to improve country and citizen. The caliber of the attendees and participants has attracted the attention of major tech companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and a number of VCs and financial service firms and government conglomerates.

Kirk-Anthony comments, “Tech Beach is modeled on a vision of the world we'd like to see, extremely diverse across race, geography and skill set and very open to collaboration. We believe the Caribbean is misunderstood and filled with untapped potential and we've invited the world to join us in creating a new ecosystem for business and innovation to unlock this stored potential in partnership with our people”

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