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Caribbean Development Bank and TechBeach Announce Strategic Partnership
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Caribbean Development Bank and TechBeach Announce Strategic Partnership

TechBeach and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) are pleased to announce they have entered into a regional strategic partnership. Combining CDB’s capacity to support social and economic advancement programs with TechBeach’s technology entrepreneur training program TBR LAB, the collaboration seeks to ensure expanded access to the business curriculum for founders across all segments of the region, including but not limited to the Eastern Caribbean.

TBR LAB emerged in January 2021 as a mission-driven initiative between TechBeach, the Inter-American Development Bank and world-class accelerator program, the DMZ. With a mission of being the Caribbean’s first pure tech accelerator program, TBR LAB furthers TechBeach’s vision to radically transform the digital landscape of the Caribbean and surrounding emerging markets through a comprehensive ecosystem approach, empowering the emergence of companies as well as enable employees, SMEs, enterprise organizations and governments to leverage technology as a driver for their own success.

According to Lisa Harding, Coordinator Micro, Small and Medium Size Enterprise Development, “CDB’s intervention will amplify TechBeach’s ability to offer localized, country-specific programming as well as to reach, identify and train entrepreneurs from underserved markets. This partnership is critical to position technology companies as vehicles for innovation, job creation and sustainable economic growth.”

Applications are open for the TBR LAB twice annually. Those who are accepted into the program receive access to upwards of US $600,000 in perks and resources from global enterprises including Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Microsoft and Google, as well as world class learning opportunities delivered by experienced success stories from the global tech industry. Since its inception TBR LAB technology companies have collectively raised in excess of US $50M and are quickly becoming catalysts for economic growth and job creation.

“We are happy to expand our working relationship with the Caribbean Development Bank, which started with the very first Tech Beach conference in Jamaica” says Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, Co-Founder of TechBeach “Technology is a highly differentiated industry. The tools and resources of the past don’t always work for those building in this space. Our goal is simply to arm Caribbean Nationals with what they need to be successful in tech. This partnership is exciting because it allows us to be even more inclusive and increase the reach of that impact to islands we otherwise could not support.” 

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