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7 Reasons to Attend TechBeach Retreat
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7 Reasons to Attend TechBeach Retreat

Have you heard about TechBeach Retreat? It’s the Caribbean tech conference Huffington Post described as an “immersive experience, where tech industry leaders meet, discuss ideas and exchange opportunities in an intimate non-hierarchical environment”. 

Our annual retreat fosters a global community of business leaders, tastemakers, as well as innovators. Here are 7 reasons why you need to attend TechBeach Retreat.


 1. You Want to Learn from the Best 

TechBeach is an assembly of some of the greatest minds in the global tech industry and they are eager to share. During all sessions our world class speakers impart relevant, actionable takehomes and elaborate on some of the industry’s most pressing topics. The event format eliminates hierarchy and boundaries so attendees are granted unfettered access to everyone. And, with a speaker-attendee ratio of 1:5, you will have ample opportunity to talk to these industry leaders one-on-one.


2. You Value Influential Mentors (who actually care) 

This year’s list of TechBeach speakers and panelists reads as a who’s who of innovators and influencers and they will be there to help YOU! Through our Start Up Programme, attendees are paired with industry leaders who serve as mentors and these relationships often extend beyond the conference. As was the case with Dr. Che Bowen, Chief Medical Officer at MDLink and Tatyana Kanzaveli, Founder and CEO of Open Health Network. According to Dr. Bowen, “Tatyana was a perfect match for me. Being the CEO of Open Health she had a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the medical technology space and I was able to ask her anything.” The two maintain their relationship to this day. Now, the CMO of the Caribbean’s first operational telemedicine platform has direct access to the CEO of a company that is revolutionising America’s healthcare system.


3. You’re Big on Family 

Speaking of long lasting connections…this applies across the board. TechBeach is built on a narrative of collaboration and this is infused into every element of the conference. Everyone present is in search of an opportunity to gain and to give, which allows TechBeach to build and nurture an expanding, global community that functions as a family. For recurring attendees, returning to TechBeach is like arriving at the world’s coolest and most tech-savvy family reunion. From sharing our wins to providing guidance, being a participant at TechBeach means you have a support system for life. One that is ambitious, well-networked, invested in your success and genuinely interested in seeing your dreams become a reality. 


4. You’re Looking for the Missing Link

TechBeach is a mecca for developers, founders, executives and investors. All the key pieces of the digital innovation puzzle convene in one space with one question in mind, “How can I help?” All participants, from our speakers to our attendees share a common desire to build and be a part of something bigger than themselves. As such, TechBeach is where you go to find the missing piece in your puzzle. Whether you’re a startup seeking to learn from the best, pitch to potential investors or network with fellow techpreneurs; or you’re a tech exec in search of talent or strategic partnerships, TechBeach provides you with the opportunity to make the right connections. 


5. You Want Sneak Peeks at Emerging Tech

Sneak peeks and behind the scenes access is one of the most engaging elements of TechBeach Retreat. Big reveals and never-before-seen tech are featured throughout the conference with participants getting close-up looks and demos of some amazing innovations. From Mixed Reality to Artificial Intelligence, attendees are able to deep dive into the work of some of the biggest names in tech and understand how they manage to stay ahead of the game.


6. You Want Value for Money

Access to some of the biggest names in tech; networking with like-minded techpreneurs and disruptors; building strategic relationships; plus three nights at a luxurious 4 diamond all-inclusive resort...All for between US $1,080 - $2,500 per person. If that isn’t value for money, we don’t know what is. Our attendees live their best lives indulging in all the amenities Montego Bay’s Iberostar Grand Rose Hall has to offer, while also gaining critical tech and business insights. Think about: internatilising knowledge bombs from Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey, during the day followed by decadent meals and bonfire parties at night. Productivity never looked this good!


7. You Want to Live Your Best Life

After living in the lap of luxury for 3 days, mingling with tech rockstars and royalty, and breaking bread with newfound sisters and brothers who share your passion for progress, saying goodbye won’t be easy. Fortunately, even after you physically depart, our community continues to thrive through a strong virtual connection. With new speakers and attendees joining our digital messaging community after each conference, you will remain immersed in the TechBeach bubble of bright ideas and stimulating insights for the rest of your life. 

If you are a visionary who loves sharing your knowledge, building bridges, filling gaps and you believe you have something to contribute to the development of the regional and international technology landscape then Register Now to take advantage of our early bird rates!

See you at Tech Beach Retreat, December 5-7 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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