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6 Tips to Help You Get the Most out of TechBeach Retreat
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6 Tips to Help You Get the Most out of TechBeach Retreat

Every year, some of the most influential minds in technology converge in Montego Bay for TechBeach Retreat. For three days and two nights, participants engage in thought-provoking, industry-disrupting panels, presentations and workshops, creating multiple opportunities for meaningful and lasting connections to be made. In order to ensure you capitalise on this experience, we’ve compiled these 6 tips to help you get the most out of TechBeach Retreat.

1. Review the TBR agenda before arrival

TechBeach Retreat comprises a series of panel discussions, fireside chats, speaker presentations and intimate dinners. Topics always focus on pressing issues impacting the industry at any given time so subject matter changes with the hosting of each event. Familiarizing yourself with the conversations that will take place for the duration of TBR will allow you to align your schedule with your conference objectives. 

2. Let People Know You’ve Arrived at TBR

Once you’ve touched down, announce your arrival by posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #TBRJA2019. Search the tag to see who else is in attendance and join the conversation by engaging with their posts. Once you make that virtual connection, it’ll be that much easier to connect with people face-to-face once the conference is underway. You can also keep the momentum going throughout TBR by sharing photos, tweeting insightful quotes and tagging speakers during the sessions you attend. By ensuring your presence is felt throughout the event you increase your chances of remaining top-of-mind even after it’s over.

3. Attend the Right Sessions

With two dozen sessions in two days it’s not feasible for you to attend every single one. Once you’ve reviewed the agenda, ensure you participate in the events that will be most valuable to you. If necessary, research the various presenters and panelists in advance. Determine those whose niches are most relevant and whose insights may have the greatest impact on your goals, then prioritize accordingly. Being in the right room with the right speakers and peers significantly increases your chances of reaping positive results. 

4. Network Effectively

As one attendee among a few hundred, it’s not enough for you to just attend TechBeach, you need to be prepared to network. Have your elevator pitch ready so you’re able to clearly articulate who you are, what you do and why it matters. Others will undoubtedly inquire and the way you respond could either result in absolute indifference or the formation of strategic connections. On the flipside, apart from being able to speak confidently about what you do, you also need to show a genuine interest in others. Listen actively so you can ask the right questions and develop conversations that may very well lead to future collaborations.

5. Walk with Business Cards

Even within the primarily paperless tech industry, business cards remain a networking staple. For two and a half days you will have access to 50 of the tech industry’s biggest innovators and influencers, along with approximately 300 executives, investors and techpreneurs. While you’re meeting, mingling and making lasting impressions, business cards offer a quick and convenient way to exchange contact information. So, keep them handy and remember to actually distribute them. In the end though, we did enter the 21st century a while ago, so be sure to translate those in-person connections to LinkedIn connections as well.

6. Be Social

All work and no play makes for a boring conference. Which is why at TechBeach we go the extra mile to infuse Caribbean flavored fun into every single day. Relaxed dinners and bonfire beach parties allow TechBeachers to unwind and connect in casual settings where there’s no distinction between speakers and attendees, investors and founders. Use these opportunities to engage with our world-renowned panelists, as well as your peers, on a personal and professional level. Some of the most lasting bonds are made in casual settings so take advantage of these opportunities to build bridges and develop fruitful relationships.


Remember, your presence at TechBeach symbolizes an investment in yourself, your company and your vision. Don’t sell yourself short. Follow these 6 simple steps and maximise the benefits of this unique opportunity to learn from, and share with, some of the most innovative minds in the industry.

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